When El Niño hit Southern California in 1997, a picture was printed in the newspaper that stuck with me for years. It showed a shaggy-haired guy in a wetsuit on a surfboard, laughing as he paddled through the river that was once a local park’s car lot. He became my childhood hero. He was like Bodhi from (the original) Point Break, taking advantage of his own version of the “50-Year Storm.” While I was indoors, likely reading comic books and Asking Jeeves about “boobs,” this man was out living.

Now, nearly two decades, a freak weather pattern has delivered us a new hero, and his name is Casey Neistat. The filmmaker-videographer recently blitzed through the winter wonderland of New York City on a snowboard, while nearly everyone else was hiding out from the storm, assumingly watching superhero movies and googling “butts.”

This video is all good, grand vibes, from the opening notes of “New York, New York” to the street cops finally pulling Neistat over to tell him, “Someone complained about you, so we’re just going to act like we’re talking to you.”