Pokemon has officially invaded everything in your life, including your underpants.

There’s a new official line of Pokemon nighttime wear coming to the online shop of Japanese lingerie brand Yummy Mart, and it includes official, licensed, Pikachu-laden lingerie. Before you leap for joy, yank out your wallet and start flinging money at your screen as you fantasize about sexy times featuring clothes made of Pikachu, however, a caveat: it’s not actually for sale.

Yummy Mart is featuring a bunch of Pokemon stuff, like towels and a weird Jedi robe-looking thing and other stuff that could presumably factor into sexy time. But the lingerie that’s literally just a bunch of small Pikachus strapped to a bra? Sorry, no dice.

All the other stuff, however, will be available later this month for folks in Japan or anybody willing to brave international shipping. Check out all the offerings in the Yummy Mart shop.

Via Kotaku