After 17 years of development hell, Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s Preacher is finally coming to life. It’s really happening guys! Like, officially official!

Last night Seth Rogen posted the first official picture from the set of AMC’s Preacher, and even though the lighting isn’t great, it’s still incredibly exciting.

From the looks of it, Dominic Cooper as Reverend Jesse Custer is having a chat with Ian Colleti as Arseface. Even from the side, Arseface looks great (as great as someone who tried to kill himself with a shotgun and failed can look).

As a diehard Preacher fan, the only thing that’s not quite right about this picture is the updated posters. I get that things need to be updated, but why couldn’t they set the show in the ‘90s?

And in case you missed it, Seth Rogen tweeted a picture of the production’s awesome *Preacher *slate: