If you enjoy a nice glass of whiskey and thought your were done being mad about the housing collapse… think again.

According to the Wall Street Journal, there’s a whiskey barrel shortage and it’s all due to the housing bubble busting.

You see, in order for whiskey to be considered bourbon, it must be made aged for two years new oak barrels. This normally isn’t a problem because the U.S. has plenty of white oak trees to make whiskey barrels. The problem is that since the housing market crashed in 2009, a majority of logging companies either went out of business, or drastically cut production.

So now we’re left with a bunch of perfectly good whiskey barrels masquerading as trees, with no one around to cut them. Of course this is making barrel makers (and us) very nervous.

Next time you’re at the liquor store, you might want to grab an extra bottle or two of your favorite bourbon, you know… just incase.