The “Trial of the Century” is back in the news. The Los Angeles Police Department has announced that a folding buck knife found years ago buried on O.J. Simpson’s former property will undergo DNA tests for the first time.

The knife was discovered by a construction worker, possibly during the demolition of Simpson’s property, who gave it to a uniformed motor officer working security on a movie set across the street. The officer, who is now retired from the LAPD and may or may not have been retired at the time, took it home and kept it.

“According to him, he thought the case was closed, since the case was no longer being prosecuted,” LAPD Capt. Andy Neiman said. “[He] did not realize the legalities that a case like this remains open until there is a conviction.”

Only last month did the retired officer tell a friend on the force that he was planning to engrave the knife with the Simpson case number and frame it.

“Since then, it’s been in custody and we’re treating it as evidence,“ Neiman said. "We are having it tested to see if there is any evidentiary value. This could be just a knife that is totally unrelated to this case. This could be an instance where someone made up a story about the knife.”

The construction worker who originally discovered the knife has not come forward.