Anyone who has taken a shower before going out on the weekend can appreciate the refreshing beauty of the shower beer. (If you’re drinking a shower beer during your morning grooming routine, you might have a problem.) The shower beer is the ultimate in multitasking, combining pregaming with cleaning. There is an entire subreddit dedicated to the topic. But what if you love beer so much that drinking one in the shower isn’t enough? Pouring a can all over yourself would be weird. Fortunately, men’s grooming brand Duke Cannon has a solution. They partnered with Old Milwaukee to create Big Ass Beer Soap.

Duke Cannon and Old Milwaukee discovered beer has properties that are beneficial to the skin, so they poured the lager in with the soap’s other ingredients. Of course, smelling like you had a beer dumped on you isn’t exactly ideal for meeting your future life partner, so the Big Ass Beer Soap has a sandalwood scent that is much more pleasant.

The soap is a legit brick that weighs more than half a pound and is three times the size of standard bars. That means if you drop the soap in the shower (never a good idea) you could bruise your toe, but it also means you won’t have to replace your bar of soap every week.

To promote the new soap, Duke Cannon created a video starring Chicago comedian Dave Helem, playing a lumberjack who “likes to cut down trees and make pencils.” It’s hilariously absurd in the same vein as Old Milwaukee’s Super Bowl ad with Will Ferrell and its “Pass Me A Beer” series.

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