Every man should have a browser deletion back-up plan in the event of his untimely death. This isn’t a duty that can be carried out by a lawyer, an executor, or even a loved one…definitely not your mom. Only a close friend, or even better, a total stranger, can be given such an enormous personal responsibility. But what about the old dudes of the world, those who never pursued the bountiful wonders of digital nudity? What about your dad and grandpa? Who will clean up the messes that they’ve left behind?

A kind man, who goes by bmacmachine on Reddit, recently demonstrated how he disposed of his grandpa’s “old school browser history.” While we will not endorse the method of disposal, for obvious reasons, we will tip our hat for the effort.

Step 1: Collect the Browser History in one place

Step 2: Put Browser History in safe place

Step 3: Clear Browser History

Here’s all that was left

For those of you who may encounter a similar crisis – Fire is never the answer. Simply leave the unmarked box in the woods, junkyard, etc. Pass those pages on to the next generation. It’s the circle of life.