Turns out Donald Trump isn’t the only one suspicious of intelligence reports declaring that Russian hackers sought to sway last year’s election in favor of the Republican nominee. Director and professional paranoid Oliver Stone has his doubts, too.

As part of a lengthy post published on Facebook over the weekend weekend titled “The Russians Are Coming,” Stone didn’t just join president-elect Trump in making light of the idea that Russian hacking influenced the U.S. election—"My God, the ghost of Izzy Stone is back from the 1950s! For that matter, so is Tom Clancy from the ’80s,“ he wrote—he also attacked another of Trump’s favorite targets: the media.

Adopting Trump’s favorite tactic of describing the New York Times as "failing,” Stone wrote that it and the Washington Post were publishing “fake news” by reporting on the intelligence services’ belief that Russia was involved in any election-related activities and went on to bemoan “MSM [mainstream media] propaganda” against Russian president Vladimir Putin. “I never thought I’d find myself praying for the level-headedness of a Donald Trump,” he wrote, likely echoing the disbelief felt by many people reading the post.

On the plus side, now we know which president is likely to complete Stone’s trilogy of Presidential portraits, following 1991’s JFK and 1995’s Nixon. Trump: The Movie has a certain ring to it, if we’re being honest. At least Edward Snowden, subject of Stone’s last biopic and a current political refugee in Russia, would approve.