Russian president Vladimir Putin is arguably the most fascinating person on the planet right now, perhaps even more so than our own president. While Donald Trump talks into just about any camera pointed at him, Americans’ view of Putin is largely based on speculation. To some, he’s a dark puppeteer lurking in the shadows who accumulates more and more power without making huge public moves. That’s part of why we love those shirtless horseback photos so much. They’re less forboding portraits of a man we’re so used to seeing as a glowering figure in a suit.

Legendary and controversial filmmaker Oliver Stone (Snowden, JFK, W.) set out to crack Putin’s facade for American audiences. The director got an impessive level of access, interviewing Putin more than a dozen times for an upcoming four-part special to air on Showtime.

The Putin Interviews will cover everything from his rise to power to the Syrian civil war. Stone interviewed Putin back in February. That was three months after the presidential election he allegedly hacked and well before Trump dropped a bomb on a Syrian air base normally occupied by Russian soldiers.

The keystone moment of the interview thus far is this: When Stone bluntly asks Putin about Russian interference in our politics, he chuckles in response.

The Putin Interviews premieres June 12 on Showtime and, needless to say, every American should find a way to watch.