Let’s say you’re Olivia Munn and you’re flying in a private jet with one of your best friends to Miami for the premiere of your movie Ride Along 2. Got it? Now that you’re in character, tell me: what would you do? Of course, the answer is obvious: WORK OUT! Duh!

There doesn’t appear to be that much space, but Olivia makes due with what she has and appears to get in a solid workout while 30,000 feet in the air. She also has herself a healthy snack.

Love this girl @brittany.farrar 🍓🍍

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Usually I drink juice, eat pretzels and watch movies when I’m on an airplane. Maybe that’s why Olivia is in better shape than me. I should start working out more on my flights.

The real cool thing about her in-flight workout, thought, is the fact that she did it in a tank top. You know what happens when you do push-ups in a tank top? At the right angle, you can kinda see…well…you know.

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