On May 18, Olivia Wilde made her Broadway debut in the show 1984, which is currently in previews at the Hudson Theatre. Wilde plays Julia, Winston Smith’s coworker and love interest, in the play, which is based on George Orwell’s dystopian 1949 novel. Based on this tweet Wilde posted yesterday, the production sounds pretty brutal:

She also Instagrammed a photo of a warning sign posted in the theater:

As Wilde points out in her caption, many people don’t remember the details of “this super intense book based on this super intense world.” It sounds like things have been weirdly intense behind the scenes, too, as she describes in this post:

And here are a few more recent pics of Wilde, who dyed her hair for the role:

Dark times call for dark hair. #1984play

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Except when it rules. #doublethink

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