Like sports, hunting and award shows, one-night stands apparently have their own dedicated season too. And based on a recent OkCupid report, we’re currently in peak season for one-night stands. With that established, what the hell are you doing here? Get out there, man!

Still here? Great. According to this data, there is a discernible 17 percent surge in singles seeking one-night stands during the months of April, May and June. Further digging revealed that June is the most popular month for sleeping around, with a spike of 33 percent. Consequently, in the winter months, people tend to pursue longer-term relationships.

To attain this data, OkCupid asked more than 18 million members how long they want their next relationship to last for each and every month from 2013 to 2016. OkCupid’s data scientist, Dale Markwitz, believes the increase could be the result of more students, vacationers and interns joining the site during the same time. “Since these members are not necessarily tied to the place where they’re dating, maybe they are less likely to look for a serious commitment,” she explains.

Susan Krauss Whitbourne, a professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, believes this result could be reflective of how we dress, insinuating it’s not just the heat that influences our proclivity to shed layers.

“I would say that the increase [of interest in one night stands] in the summer reflects the warmer weather and perhaps less inhibition as one is wearing fewer clothes,” she says. “People are more willing and able to get out of the house when they’re not dealing with snow, rain, and freezing temperatures. The ‘one night stand’ nature of this behavior may reflect, as well, fewer inhibitions with those warmer temperatures.”

Research has previously suggested that one-night stands are more popular in America than anywhere else, with 60 percent of singles expressing they’ve had at least one single night of meaningless sex. Of that number, though, only one in 10 women have an orgasm during one-night stands. Men, on the other hand, climax 64 percent of the time. (We reasoned why here.)

But as more and more data rolls in, it seems like weather could have more of an impact on our sex drive than we may think. According to a survey from condom-maker Trojan, respondents who live in hotter locales like Miami report having more sex on average than those living in cooler areas like Seattle. Likewise, another study that analyzed keywords Americans use on Google over four years found that language related to finding dates, prostitutes and porn peak in June and July.

So there it is, folks. “Summer Lovin’” is more than a jovial tune sung by Olivia Newton John. It’s literally the season people want to have no-strings sex.