A new documentary about the tragic shooting in Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub is choosing to focus on the victims rather than the killer. One Pulse examines the events of June 12, 2016 from the perspective the people who were there the night Omar Mateen opened fire in one of Orlando’s most popular gay clubs, killing 49 people and injuring 53 others.

While some filmmakers might be tempted to do a deep dive into the mind of the killer, the film’s first trailer suggests that One Pulse will tell the victims’ stories.

Director Charlie Minn, who cut his teeth as a producer on America’s Most Wanted, is also concerned with the police response that night, which Minn feels deserves exploration.

“Police first exchanged gunfire with the shooter and then decided not to pursue him into the bathroom,” he told Deadline. “That was the most critical decision of that night.”

Minn’s documentary could force law enforcement to take a closer look at how it approaches hostage situations. While making the film, Minn learned that some victims bled to death because it too long for police to get to them. Though the first responders reportedly followed protocol that night, One Pulse calls into question whether or not that protocol should change.

Since terrorists aren’t prone to negotiating, some wonder if police should have just stormed the bathroom instead of negotiating with Matteen for upwards of three hours. “Mass shooters may feel more confident doing these things if they think that police and law enforcement will back off,” said Minn.

One Pulse has yet to find distribution, but given its gripping first trailer and important subject matter, expect it to hit VOD sooner rather than later.