Today was supposed to mark the relaunch of “The Trials of Osiris,” a Destiny tournament in which the game’s best players enter into a super-difficult competition to earn its best rewards. But thanks to an easily exploitable bug—and the people who are totally willing to use it to cheat—that competition has been delayed, and Destiny’s competitive multiplayer mode is currently a little wonky.

The bug is a problem with one of the new player classes, the “Nightstalker,” that was added with Destiny’s big new expansion, The Taken King. The short version is this: each player gets a “super” move that charges up over time and allows them to unleash devastation on their opponents. The Nightstalker gets “Shadow Shot,” a spectral bow-and-arrow that gives you Hawkeye-like archery skills and one-hit kills. Trouble is, the bug allows players to spam arrows more or less endlessly, giving them a very unfair advantage.

It’s an especially big problem with Trials of Osiris, because the stakes there are extremely high. Trials features teams of three battling each other in a series of matches, with the goal of racking up nine wins in a row without a single loss. You have to defeat nine other teams to get the best rewards, and Trials is where the game’s best players go to duke it out. So an extra instant-kill super shot or two (or more) could easily be the difference between a fair win and an unfair loss.

Developer Bungie is aware of the bug and has delayed Trials in order to fix it, as noted in its most recent weekly update blog post. What Bungie didn’t say, however, is when that’ll happen, or when Trials will finally kick off again.

There’s another big competitive event, “The Iron Banner,” currently running in Destiny to keep players busy, but plenty of Trials fans are jonesing for the big leagues. The video from Rooster Teeth below nails the feeling—it’s a common one for Destiny players. Maybe it’s time to take a break anyway?