The Internet is a strange and dark place where all kinds of weird things happen.

Like, for instance, the generation of a hoax hinting that one of the most famous porn stars in the world was murdered in Ukraine, by Ukrainian military members. That porn star is Sasha Grey. And according to UPROXX there’s speculation that the rumor may have been generated via an Eastern European version of 4 Chan called Dvach.

According to The Moscow Times, a story has been circulating that says a nurse names “Sasha Serova” was captured by Ukrainian military forces, who filmed themselves humiliating her before chopping her body up with an ax. (The russian last name “Serova” is similar to the Russian word for “gray.”

Why would people do this?

Well, Grey and others believe that it’s a form of Russian propaganda via misreporting—something that has been used in the Ukraine conflict as a tool for shaping public perception.

Grey took to Twitter to deny the rumors, and to state her anger that they’d started in the first place.

We’ve reached a whole new level of weird when porn stars are possibly being used in propaganda to shape public perception of a violent conflict.