There is no question that buying clothes online makes life easier in lots of ways. We simply click, cop, and wait for the UPS guy to show up. For many items that works just fine. Once you know your size in a Nike sneaker you can safely assume that each successive pair you pick up will fit similarly.

Things get a little trickier when you want the fit to be a little more specific. If you are particular about the way that your shirts and jeans fit—and you should be!—it is hard to replace the act of visiting a real brick and mortar store and trying items on your actual body. Otherwise you could find yourself in a never ending cycle of buying and returning and buying and returning from an online retailer and seeing that UPS guy so much that things start to get a little uncomfortable.

But there are a few online clothing brands that are merging the convenience of e-commerce with personalized fits. Here are some of our favorites.

Getting a bespoke suit, tailored to your exact specifications used to be reserved for a wealthy few with good contacts on Savile Row. Indochino lets you get a pick one up for less than $500. You don’t need a tailor, just a friend and a tape measure. By following Indochino’s simple online guide you can gather all your measurements in about 15 minutes. Even if you screw up, the brand has a tailor who reviews all the fit profiles and alerts customers if something seems amiss. Your measurements will be stored and you can adjust them at anytime. You can also customize tons of options on your suit, ranging from the lapels to the buttons to the lining and monogram.

* For years, guys have been buying button downs in one of three sizes: small, medium, and large. Maybe they incorporated neck size and sleeve length, but that was about it. The finite list of choices meant for lots of ill-fitting shirts. If your size was best characterized as smedium, you ended up wearing shirts that were either too small or too big. Stantt is drastically altering the number of options available. Instead of three sizes, Stantt offers 75. All you have to do is take three simple measurements and then Stantt’s algorithm crunches the data to figure out which of the 75 size offerings works best for you. The shirts themselves are 100% cotton and have a hem that works either tucked or untucked.

With its Fit Kit, Todd Shelton is doing its part to make returning mis-sized clothes a thing of the past. The brand will send you a package that includes clothes in Todd Shelton’s various fit profiles and fabric swatches. Try on the garments in the Fit Kit to figure out which ones work best for your body type and then order your jeans, pants, and shirts confident in the knowledge that they’ll fit well once they arrive at your home. Returning the Fit Kit is easy thanks to the prepaid shipping label included in the package.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.