The trailer’s been on YouTube for at least a month, so that’s not the exclusive. However, Open Windows will be exclusively on sale from iTunes for a month before its November release.

I’m not exactly sure what the movie’s about, but it seems to involve a sadistic luchador who aids Elijah Wood, here with all ten fingers intact, in stalking and possibly cyber-bullying the bejeezus out of an atypically clothed Sasha Grey. (If you remember, not even the multi-hyphenate cinema guru Steven Soderbergh could turn Grey into a credible big screen presence. So, kudos to director Nacho Vigalondo for choosing a challenging muse.)

In addition to the fact that Wood and Grey – though both globally recognized – would seem an odd combination, the budget for the film appears to be less than Peter Jackson would spend replacing lost lens caps from any of his last six pictures. All of which helps fuel my theory that Wood is a good-natured fanboy dilettante at heart who netted such a colossal sum from his part in Jackson’s Lord of the Rings pictures that “income” has become a meaningless concept to him and he can now afford to pick all his future endeavors using a Gollum-themed dartboard and a pair of six-sided dice.