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The 11 Most Insane Features of Oprah’s New $14M Telluride Mansion

The 11 Most Insane Features of Oprah’s New $14M Telluride Mansion: All Photos Via T.D. Smith

All Photos Via T.D. Smith

Oprah just dropped nearly $14 million on a 5-bedroom, 6.5 bath mansion in Colorado ski country, according to the Wall Street Journal. But it’s not just an expensive Telluride manor with amazing views: The 8,706-square-foot house has some pretty specific, fairly insane luxury amenities.

The best part? The pad is just a temporary resting place for Oprah while she builds herself a new house on the 60 acres of land she bought nearby in 2014. If this mansion is just the one that she’s settling for in the meantime, there probably won’t be a superlative strong enough to describe the finished product at her custom residence.

Here are the 11 craziest, most luxurious features of Oprah’s new mansion.

1. A hot tub room with this view (and retractable windows).

05 hottub

2. A wine cellar that’s practically an amusement park ride.

01 wine cellar
03 wine cellar

The wine cellar in Oprah’s new abode was built to look like a historic mining tunnel. As you can see, there’s a steel ore cart on rails, which traverse the 56 foot-long wine tunnel equipped to hold 1,600 bottles. In case that wasn’t enough, there are water mists and sound effects to really sell it.

3. A game room with a wet bar and a pool table.

04 game room

4. A custom “etched and fiber-optic lighted glass bridge” over the living room.

07 glass-bridge

It connects the master suite with the rest of the house.

5. A chef’s kitchen.

06 kitchen

6. a private steel funicular.


Made to “simulate an old mining car”, Oprah’s private steel funicular holds 4 people, their ski gear, and can transport the people and their stuff from the house to the Sundance ski run.

7. This view.

08 cray

8. A sauna.
09 sauna-spa

9. This other bonkers bridge!
10 oprah-bridge-outdoor

10. A treetop fire pit.

11 fireplace

The mansion has 6 decks. One of those decks has a 35-foot high stainless steel platform tree deck outfitted with private fire pit and views of the San Sophia Range.

11. A tub with a view.

12 tub-view

You can never have too many of those.

H/t Curbed

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