Fans of Netflix’s original content got a fun bonus today, as the latest teaser for the fifth season of Orange is the New Black saw two of the series’ characters recreate the critically acclaimed Black Mirror episode “San Junipero.”

The unofficial crossover sees Samira Wiley’s Poussey and Danielle Brooks’ Taystee run into each other in Tucker’s, the same 1980s nightclub where Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mackenzie Davis met in the Black Mirror episode — something that comes as a surprise to Taste, considering spoiler that Poussey died at the end of Orange’s fourth season.

“This is where I hang now,” Poussey says.

For those who want to somehow make the short fit into wider OitNB continuity, it’s made possible by it being framed as one of Taystee’s dreams—presumably, they have Netflix in Litchfield, somehow—leading to her waking up and complaining, “Man, the ‘80s was stupid.”

Truer words have rarely been spoken.

The fifth season of Orange is the New Black debuts on the streaming service June 9. If this trend continues, we’re hoping for a Bill Nye/Stranger Things mash-up next time, thank you very much.