One Oregon Board of Trustee member thinks the famed Oregon Ducks Cheerleading program is too sexy for the crowd to handle. Ginevra Ralph introduced the backwards idea of banning the cheerleading program all together, because she claims she saw fans become “incredibly uncomfortable with the U of O cheerleaders,” she told other trustees in a meeting, “and they actually leave the basketball (arena) during intermission because of the overt sexual dancing, or whatever you want to call it.”

She also wasn’t too pumped about the squad performing to songs with sexually suggestive lyrics, like Jessie J’s “Bang Bang.”. Lady, it’s 2015, these girls are basically prude compared to the Russian twerking team. Here’s an example of the cheerleaders doing their thing, which I would say is very far from the picture she’s painting.

UO interim President Scott Coltrane assured Ralph that he’ll ask about the dancing as part of the school’s vamped up $500,000 effort to prevent sexual assault on campus. So cheerleaders rocking their hips back and forth in front of guys will increase sexual assault on campus? Once again another college administration thinks if women don’t look like they are asking for it, they will get assaulted less.

I think these cheerleaders look like average college girls to me, and they shouldn’t have to end up in the next sequel of Dirty Dancing: College edition.

Around 20 UO students a week face sexual assault, which is a scary number to deal with. But I can bet you it’s not because a bunch of pretty cheerleaders are shaking their asses in front of a crowd. Even their coach has been the subject of the media. Considering there’s a definite connection between drinking and sexual assault, maybe Ralph should instead look at a more probable enabler.

Whew, I feel like I just time traveled back to the 1950s or something.

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