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Does Oregon University Have The Hottest Cheerleaders?

Does Oregon University Have The Hottest Cheerleaders?:

The Oregon Ducks may very well be the hottest cheer squad this side of Bring It On. This is a relief, since the University almost didn’t have a cheer team this year. Thankfully, the squad was not suspended and, in a result that would make Kevin Bacon proud, they were allowed to dance! Dance they will!

Oregon Ducks Cheer 1
Oregon Ducks Cheer 2
Oregon Ducks Cheer 3
Oregon Ducks Cheer 4
Oregon Ducks Cheer 5

The ICU World Cheerleading Championship isn’t until next April, but have no fear, the Ducks football schedule gets underway on September 5th. Aside from an impressive roster, these cheerleaders will be reason enough to tune in and root for the green and yellow this season!

Oregon Ducks Cheer 6
Oregon Ducks Cheer 7
Oregon Ducks Cheer 8
Oregon Ducks Cheer 9
Oregon Ducks Cheer 10

The real winners here? The male cheerleaders. Those lucky, lucky geniuses!

Oregon Ducks Cheer 11

(h/t Coed)

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