Roughly 80 years ago, a woman named Mrs. Rogers stockpiled some Scottish whisky in a hidden compartment behind her dresser in her Oregon home. (We’ve all been there, Mrs. Rogers). And this week, the lucky renovators of her former home finally discovered her secret stash.

Tracy Bosen and Kevin Michel of Pendleton, Oregon were tearing out a built-in chest of drawers when they realized a hidden box contained three bottles of Teacher’s Highland Cream Blended Scotch whisky. According to the East Oregonian, the bottles weren’t labeled with a date, but they were wrapped in a newspaper from Dec. 19, 1930. Each bottle has a U.S. Internal Revenue tax stamp.

Do like your whisky well aged? How about 80 years? The owners of Pendleton House bed-and-breakfast recently found three bottles of 80-year-old whisky during renovation work.

Posted by East Oregonian on Saturday, January 30, 2016

It’s too bad whisky doesn’t age after it’s been bottled, but as a novelty, it’s still pretty cool. Bosen and Michel say they plan to open one of the bottles “on a special occasion.”