Listen, if you were a kid in the late ‘90s with access to Cartoon Network, you can say you didn’t love The Powerpuff Girls, but I don’t know that I’d believe you. The hit series about three superpowered sisters who have to save the world before bedtime hasn’t aired a new episode in a decade, but now Cartoon Network is rebooting the series with all new stories in 2016. Apparently, though, someone forgot to tell the original cast.

Though some supporting actors (like Tom Kenny, who voiced both The Mayor of Townsville and the Narrator) are still with the show, the original voices of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup — Cathy Cavadini, Tara Strong, and E.G. Daily, respectively — were not invited back to reprise their roles, and they weren’t shy about letting everyone on the internet know that it stings a bit.

A lot of fans of the original show aren’t happy, either, but Strong made it clear in a later tweet that it’s not about the original cast versus the new cast. The biggest disappointment, for her, is that Cartoon Network never even asked the original stars if they might want to return.

So, The Powerpuff Girls wheel will roll on without its original stars. Now we just have to see if the next generation of fans could possibly love the new voices as much as we loved the old ones.