With the enormous diversity of brews coming out of America’s current craft beer renaissance, it’s a shame that our beertails are still largely based on the bland light-lagers of decades past. We wanted to solve that problem by featuring some of our favorite beertails, this week we have one an island-inspired cocktail.

Spritzy, subtle, and easy-to-drink, the Pacific Swift is one big, tanned middle-finger to everything a beertail isn’t supposed to be. While the hoppiness of the pale ale is left largely unmasked, it is couched so well in the tart zest of the lime and spicy embrace of the rum and ginger beer, you will forget you are drinking a full-bodied beer. In fact, you forget you are drinking booze at all. But do not listen to this drink, it is a liar. A summery, delicious liar.

1 shot dark, spiced rum
Juice of ½ a lime
A splash of spicy, Jamaican-style ginger beer
4-6 oz. hoppy pale ale (Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Three Floyds Alpha King, or New Glarus Moon Man No Coast Pale Ale)

Mix the lime, ginger beer, and rum in a lowball glass with 2-3 cubes of ice. Top off with pale ale and garnish with a lime twist or wedge.