You would think that someone who could afford the $2.5 million Pagani Huayra BC would also have a four-wheel-drive SUV in the garage (probably a Range Rover of Mercedes G-wagon) to handle driving in snow and ice. But on the flip side, if you’re spending two-and-a-half million on a car, you’d want it to handle any conditions.

For those in the latter camp, Pagani took its most powerful supercar ever to a proving ground near the Arctic Circle to see how it performed in less-than-ideal conditions. The 750-horsepower Huayra BC (named after Benny Caiolo, the company’s first customer and a friend of founder Horacio Pagani) features anti-lock brakes, traction control, and stability management systems designed by Bosch. To test how the systems performed in ice and snow, Pagani handed over one of its Huayra BC prototypes over to Bosch, who tested it in Arjeplog, Sweden.

While it’s unlikely that any of the owners of the Huayra BC (only 20 will be made) will find themselves in similar conditions, guys with “fuck you” money like to say “fuck you” to standard conventions. (Witness this Lamborghini Huracan doing donuts in sand.) So it must be satisfying to know that you’ll be good to go in the event of a freak snow storm.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.