Day two of CES 2014 was nothing short of epic. Not only did Pam get to hang out with her pal Min-Liang Tan (yes, the cofounder and CEO of Razer!) to hear what’s in store for us in 2014, she also got to check out advancements in 3-D printing with the highly popular New York–based business MakerBot, which has set the standard in the industry for not only 3-D printing but desktop 3-D scanners. And what would a trip to CES be without visiting the larger-than-life booths, like the one Sony set up this year?

Don’t think for a second that Pam only had time for the big players at CES! She also checked out AirDrop gaming, the creators of the HipShotDot, an “exclusive powered red dot sight attachment for first person shooter games” designed to ensure maximum accuracy while you play on your Xbox, PlayStation or Wii.

All in all, CES 2014 was a blast. We saw a lot of incredible new gadgets and cannot wait for 2015!

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