It’s always extremely cringe-worthy when two people in a relationship are constantly posting selfies of them being all lovey-dovey, especially when they have captions that make you want to throw up. We know you’re in a relationship, we don’t need to be reminded of it every two seconds.

Despite how much we hate seeing this, we’re happy we came across this couple, but not for their photos.

This is Emily and Johnny. They’re that couple and their captions are even worse:

The couple even went as far to make a collage of their pics together that looked like this:

Despite the fact they might think they’re being cute. We’re already sick of their behavior and we’re sure other people are too. But thankfully, Emily’s parents seem annoyed by their daughter’s behavior on social media too and decided to show everyone how ridiculous she was by taking their own pictures in the same poses.

It looks like Emily wasn’t too impressed by her parents’ pictures, but at least her parents are secured in the real world instead of her lovey-dovey universe.