Last night, Parks and Recreation ended its seven-season run with a future-spanning, sob-inducing finale. There’s a Pawnee-sized hole in all of our hearts now, but it turns out the finale wasn’t the last tearjerker Parks fans would get.

The entire main cast, plus co-creator Michael Schur, appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night to talk about their time on the show, filming the finale, and more. The evening was capped off by a “toast” game devised by star Amy Poehler, in which each cast member drew the name of a co-star, then praised them for 20 seconds.

Aziz Ansari mourned the loss of Nick Offerman’s mustache (to his credit, in its place is a majestic Civil War general beard), Retta declared Aubrey Plaza can “scare the shit out of anyone with just a look,” Offerman gave Adam Scott the “biggest balls” award, and Plaza called Ansari her “bro for life.” In fitting Parks fashion, though, it wasn’t all jokes. Chris Pratt and Jim O’Heir very nearly brought each other to tears with their tributes, Scott thanked Schur for giving him a second chance to be on the show, and Poehler closed the game by calling Retta a “queen” and telling the cast “all of you feel like family to me.”

It was a true Parks and Rec love fest, and if you’re in mourning for the show it may very well cause you to weep into your waffles all over again.

You can watch the cast’s full appearance here.