What’s the wildest thing you’ve witnessed at a party? Reddit wondered the same thing and presented this great question to its users. Dancing with Leprechauns? Butt-chugging fine box wine? We’ve made our final judgment and the following list is definitely full of crazy party shenanigans. Add your wild story here.

Party at a cabin in the woods in Quebec. The dj is great, the dancefloor is lively, there’s a good mix of people you know and people you don’t. The lights are dim and there’s good energy.

Suddenly, there are naked guys on the dancefloor. A cheer goes up and some other ambitious folks, suddenly realizing the party could go full nekkid, take their cue and doff their garments. The dancefloor loses a bit of momentum, but the naked people are putting out some great energy so nobody minds.

Then the whispers start. Nobody knows who they are. The naked guys. They don’t speak English, which is normal, because it’s Quebec, but they don’t sound like they’re speaking French either. And nobody knows who they are.

We head out to the porch, and there are three sets of ski tracks that lead from the forest to the cabin, three sets of skis, and no context. Eventually it turns out that they were three Norwegian tourists, staying at the local hostel, out for a naked ski through the countryside at one in the morning when they heard a party going on, and invited themselves in.

The editor of the local paper was there. They made front page.

I saw a guy eat frozen pizza rolls. Not the craziest thing that has ever happened, but for some reason I’m still not over it.

A guest put his head into the wall and puked down between the drywall.

The most raucous gathering that I ever attended would have to be the one that almost ran out of alcohol.

Now, right away, that probably sounds like a recipe for a pretty mundane evening. After all, there’s apparently an unwritten social rule which stipulates that any gathering of a dozen or more strangers must include an ample supply of ethanol, or else it runs the risk of being unforgivably boring (and probably a little bit awkward). That wasn’t at all the case with the party in question, though, thanks to a unique system that was implemented when the makeshift bar was in danger of running dry.

Put simply: Anyone who wanted a drink would have to exchange a piece of clothing for it.

The evening had started much like you’d probably expect, insofar as there was a fair amount of intoxication, hesitant flirting, and occasional lighthearted naughtiness. After the hostess announced her system of barter, though, the situation escalated by leaps and bounds. Within mere minutes, almost everyone present had disrobed above the waist, and a few folks - most of them male - had exchanged absolutely all of their modesty in order to keep their red cups filled. It certainly made the setting a lot more interesting, and not just because people were suddenly very careful about where they kept their hands.

It didn’t take long for the combined effects of drunkenness and nudity to result in some rather graphic behavior, and the catalyst came when one young woman took up residence on a recliner in the corner of the darkened living room. She had chosen to remove absolutely all of her clothing except for her socks (which had been deemed unacceptable as currency), and she seemed to be thoroughly delighted by the not-very-subtle attention that she was drawing. In fact, putting herself on display apparently aroused her to the point where she couldn’t keep her hands off herself… and although she started off discreetly enough; a cheer soon erupted from the rest of the room as she started openly masturbating. That was all it took. People broke off into couples (or trios), the unmistakable aroma of arousal filled the air, and everyone seemed well on their way to having a night of reckless carnality. Everyone that is, except for me.

See, I was in a committed relationship at the time, and although a part of my brain was screaming at me to stay and enjoy the festivities - even if only as an observer - I knew that my continued presence at the party probably wouldn’t have been appreciated by my paramour. With a heavy heart and a sigh, I wound up taking a last look at all that was occurring, silently cursing myself, then walking out into the cold night air.

Leaving that party remains one of my greatest regrets in life… although on the plus side, I suppose I learned a fair amount about supply and demand.

Guy drinks whole bottle of bourbon at a party I’m at. Passes out on the deck. Two guys come in from an undisclosed location and pop an IV in him and get him up and running again. They casually leave.

Two weeks later I found out that they were the neighbors and they had been watching us and thinking of old times partying in the military. They saw this happen and came over to “keep the party going.” Two weeks, though, no one knew who they were. Good way to meet the neighbors I guess.

Saw a passed out girl get dicks drawn on her face in sharpie…passed out girl was actually dead girl who overdosed…

One guy traded three wheat for a single sheep. That was fucking crazy.

Floor caved in at an apartment party. The carpet was the only thing holding everyone up. People were falling, others were trying to climb up the carpet “wall” that led into the kitchen to try and escape the building. I felt bad for the dude that lived below. Shit was outrageous.

Some guy at a college party took a fish out of the hosts’ aquarium and put it on the grill to cook it alongside the hamburgers and hot dogs.

Needless to say, the host was mortified as this fish was their special pet.

I was at a party that my friend had invited me to, it was in a hotel room at a pop culture convention so most everyone in the hotel was partying to some extent. I mostly just sat awkwardly in the corner while everyone did shots out of a guy’s ass (all he was wearing was a jock strap).

At some point someone bursts into our room (the door was slightly ajar) and asks if anyone is a doctor. The ass-shots guy sits up, sending the shot glasses flying and yells “I’M AN EMT” and runs out of the room. He relocated the girl’s shoulder and waited with her until the ambulance came.

On Halloween I watched a guy dressed as Jesus standing on top of a frat house drinking boxed wine claiming it was water a few minutes ago.

An hour later I saw the same Jesus being arrested for public indecency.