There’s party cities, and then there’s party islands. Because nothing is much better than being semi-stranded in a tropical oasis dancing, drinking and eating local food in the most remote parts of the world. From Texas to the wild islands of South East Asia, we’ve rounded up the world’s most badass party islands that are worth checking off your bucket list. This week we’re fixated on a exotic island in Fiji that is home to one of the most unique music festivals you’ll find.

Where you need to party: Malolo LaiLai Island, Fiji
What it’s known for: Pristine beaches, killer surfing waves, laid back atmosphere, Your Paradise music festival
Where you should stay: Plantation Island Resort, the most picturesque lodging you’ll find on the island
Music you can expect to hear: Live sets from house, reggae, electro swing and hip hop DJs like Yolanda Be Cool, Klingande and Benson

Photo courtesy of [Your Paradise/MY Media Sydney](

Photo courtesy of Your Paradise/MY Media Sydney

What you should eat: The foundation of Fijian food consists of rice, sweet potatoes, taro, cassava, coconut and fish. So you need to try traditional island cuisine like Kokodo, the Fijian version of Ceviche made with Mahi-mahi and coconut milk
What you should drink: Kava or yaqona, a traditional Fijian drink that is yes, non-alcoholic, but apparently has ancient healing powers and is vital in island ceremonies. Still need alcohol? Try the local beer, like Fiji Bitter, a light beer that goes perfect with the tropics. Need liquor? Find the rum
Why you need to go: Besides the fact that duh, it’s Fiji, one of the most picturesque places in the entire world, there’s one of the most unique electronic and indie-dance music festivals taking place on Malolo LaiLai Island. With floating DJ booths, intimate sandbar performances from artists, opportunities to go skydiving and nightly kava ceremonies, festival YourParadise takes island partying on Malolo LaiLai to the next level. Day activities range from jet skiing to dancing under the sun on Cloud 9, a floating two level club complete with decks, day beds, Italian wood-fired pizza, a stocked bar and a place for special guest
Photo courtesy of [YourParadise/MY Media Sydney](

Photo courtesy of YourParadise/MY Media Sydney

DJs to perform. See? I told you it’d be the club of your dreams. Then catch the sunset on the Fiji One Sunset Cruise, and end the night watching performances from a selection of over 20 artists. Centered in the clear turquoise waters of South Pacific Ocean, Fiji has more islands than you can even possibly count, each one unique in its own way. Malolo Lailai is just west of Nadi on Fiji’s main island Viti Levu, and boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the South Pacific. You may never be able to endure the dusty, sweaty crowds of Coachella again after experiencing a 500 person, bikini-clad festival with artists performing right on the sandbar. Already experiencing FOMO? There’s still a chance to buy a package and jet over to the South Pacific for Your Paradise November 17th to the 23rd.

BRB, gonna go dream of getting weird in Fiji and leave you with YourParadise’s official aftermovie from their dreamy 2014 festival.

Nicole Theodore is an editorial assistant for Playboy. She would absolutely never leave that floating club. Follow her on Twitter.