There’s party cities, and then there’s party islands. Because nothing is much better than being semi-stranded in a tropical oasis dancing, drinking and eating local food in the most remote parts of the world. From Texas to the wild islands of South East Asia, we’ve rounded up the world’s most badass party islands. This week veteran Ibiza DJs and Mixmag’s 2014 DJs of the year The Martinez Brothers tell Playboy how they eat, drink, party and then do it all over again on the Spanish party island. And considering their Ibiza residency is at DC10 where the famous Monday daytime party Circoloco goes down, the same place that has seen the likes of Madonna, Kate Moss and Christiano Ronaldo, you know they are doing Ibiza very right.

Okay I have to know, how do you guys recover after playing a set and then partying all night?
Steve: [laughing] If anyone finds a secret let us know!
Chris: We’re like the simpletons— we take it easy more than anyone else. We go out if it’s worth it, because it’s all about choosing the right party and pacing yourself.

You guys have had a residency at Ibiza since 2011. What was your first time like?
Steve: We were actually late bloomers to the DC10 and Circoloco crew. We didn’t even see it at the point when it became what it is today.
Chris: At that point it was already established.
Steve: Even then, we still knew about it and had heard about it.
Steve: It had this legendary status, and going there was already crazy and playing there is even crazier. And it still is crazy present day. Circoloco has an established history, and absolute legends have played there and passed through, like Pete Tong. It has this mystique about it in the underground club world. All of the DJs want to play at DC10 and Circoloco. I don’t know a DJ that doesn’t want to play there.

Why is it a DJ’s dream to play in Ibiza?
Steve: I think any DJ loves to play to a good room, a good vibing room. There’s a lot of clubs out there, but there’s only a couple that have that special thing, you know what I mean?
Chris: Can’t even describe it. It’s all a mixture of the people who go, the venue its self, and the people who run the venue. And DC10 is just one of those places that has it, and you feel it when you come in.
Steve: Right when you step off the plane to Ibiza, you’re there.
Chris: It’s just truly part of the island, it’s one of those places.

Photo by [Tasya Menaker](

Photo by Tasya Menaker

After you guys finish a set there, what do you guys do to wind down?
Chris: You have to keep partying! You have to keep going. There’s always another party. Circoloco always starts on Monday, and after Monday there’s other parties going on, and then there’s after-parties. You don’t really come home until Wednesday.
Steve: Our strategy is usually Circoloco and then whatever. But if we don’t go out, we just come home and nap for six hours and then wake up and go back out. Now the new trend is parties starting way later. Clubs will close at 7 A.M., and then the after-parties wont start until 2 in the afternoon. It gives time for people to rest. It’s a pretty good method.

It seems like Vegas where time stands still.
Chris: Once you’re out partying, you don’t know when you’re coming home.
Steve: Absolutely, it’s a total time warp. We say that all of the time. Even when you’re standing still doing nothing time goes by so fast. It’s insane.

What are the crowds like at Ibiza?
Steve: People there are already just happy to be in Ibiza first of all, so they are excited. Second of all when you walk into a club like DC10 and it has this crazy vibe, you just go nuts there. Even when we are not playing there we’re just hanging out going up just because.
Chris: It’s one of the few places that there isn’t any pretentiousness, and you walk in and people are just losing their minds. They don’t care who is next to them, everyone is just in their own world dancing.

What does your set list look like when you’re playing there?
Steve: We don’t play a lot of hits.
Chris: We play a little bit of everything. House, techno sometimes a little disco and some funk.

If you’re going to eat at once place there, where would you go?
Chris: Steak n’ Shake all day!
Steve: [Laughs] There’s this place down the street called Los Pasajeros, which is insane. I’m really into that, it’s a good spot.You can always find good food there.

What do you guys think about people saying Zrce Beach in Croatia is the new Ibiza?
Steve: Mmm, I wouldn’t get sold with that. To me, there’s no comparison of Croatia as the new Ibiza.
Chris: You can’t compare anything to Ibiza — Ibiza is its own thing.
Steve: For it to be the new Ibiza, it would have to do a lot of things. For me it’s not really assessable, and it’s just not easy to get to. You get to Barcelona or Madrid, you take a flight and you’re here. Croatia seems so out of the way. I remember one time we even got stuck on a boat because you have to take a boat to get to the airport.

So then what’s next up in your crazy summer?
Steve: We’re just touring like mad. And we have a little studio here in Ibiza so we’re making music so our summers usually just consist of touring.
Chris: We have two labels, too.
Steve: We’re working girl!

Oh and do you guys know about the Playboy parties at Blue Marlin? You guys should check them out — there are Playboy bunnies…
Steve: Really? That’s very good to know.
Chris: Oh, we’re there.

Nicole Theodore is an editorial assistant at Playboy. Follow her on Twitter.