There’s party cities, and then there’s party islands. Because nothing is much better than being semi-stranded in a tropical oasis dancing, drinking and eating local food in the most remote parts of the world. From Texas to the wild islands of South East Asia, we’ve rounded up the world’s most badass party islands. This week were fixated on Mykonos, where its insane nightlife scene brings people from all over the world to the tiny party island in the Cyclades.

Where you need to party: Mykonos, Greece
What it’s known for: White washed churches, wild clubs (like Cavo Paradiso) and never ending pristine beaches
Where you should stay: You’ll need a lot of sleep to counteract the all-night partying, so

Courtesy of HomeAway

Courtesy of HomeAway

grab a super chill, quiet HomeAway rental that yes, may even come with your own private beach. The photos barely do these rentals justice.
What you should eat: As much seafood as you can stomach. Restaurants in Mykonos are found all within the paved streets of the town and along the beaches (talk about best dining views ever). Try hot spots like Agios Sostis, Nikos and Philippi for more traditional Greek food.
What you should drink: For hot summer days, pair seafood dishes with Ouzo, which will provide that necessary chill you’re looking for. Otherwise try Tsipouro, Retsina and of course, Greek wine.
Why you need to go: In the deep blue waters of the Cyclades’ island chain, Mykonos is hands down one of the most picturesque islands you’ll find in Southeast Europe. During the day you’ll look out to see a coastline totally dotted with white villas and beach umbrellas, and then watch as those same beaches turn into a serious dance floor while the sun goes down. If you manage to stay up all night (which believe me you will), you’ll find most of Mykonos to be a
Photo via Cavo Paradiso

Photo via Cavo Paradiso

ghost town during the summer days. Which, actually isn’t a bad thing for your partied-out brain. Rest up, and then head to Paradise beach for the super famous Tropicana Beach Bar. The party starts well before the sun sets and carries on throughout the early morning. Change up the scene with one of Mykonos’ famous open-air clubs right on the water.Cavo Paradiso keeps the beat always at 128 BPM all night long with coveted DJs like Tiesto, Steve Aoki and Krewella. And even though Thailand is the one known for its full moon parties, Cavo Paradiso does its own version of the wildly famous celebrations that happen once a month. If you’re looking to head into downtown Mykonos, try out Scandinavian Bar, which is packed every night with dancing bodies and plenty of girls up on the bar. Yes, this is definitely a place where Five Hour Energies, three bottles of Advil and maybe even an IV will be dire requirements to get through it all.

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