There’s party cities, and then there’s party islands. Because nothing is much better than being semi-stranded in a tropical oasis dancing, drinking and eating local food in the most remote parts of the world. From Texas to the wild islands of South East Asia, we’ve rounded up the world’s most badass party islands. This week were fixated on a Hawaiian island that sets its self apart from every other party island in the world.

Where you need to party: Oahu, Hawaii
What it’s known for: Beachfront neighborhood of Waikiki, loads of bikini-clad babes, alcohol served in coconuts, the best surfing waves you could ever imagine
Where you should stay: If you’re going for luxury, opt for The Four Seasons or The Grand

Photo via The Four Seasons

Photo via The Four Seasons

Wailea, which will pretty much make you feel like straight up Hawaiian royalty. Looking for something cheaper so you can spend more money on drinks? Check out rental guru HomeAway.
What you should eat: Opt for island seafood like Opihi, butter garlic shrimp and pasteles. Believe me, you won’t regret it.
What you should drink: Head to hot spots like The Hideaway Bar, which yes, has a nightly power hour featuring $1 domestics and wells. There’s also the Wai'olu Ocean View Lounge (which supposedly has the world’s best Mai Thais.)
Why you need to go: There are hundreds of Hawaiian islands that you can jet to, but if you’re going to properly party you need to head to Oahu. The third-largest of Hawaii’s islands,
Photo by [Kanaka Menehune](

Photo by Kanaka Menehune

Oahu boasts the absurd party beaches of Waikiki, one of the coolest beachfront neighborhoods you’ll ever find. I mean I can’t personally think of anything better than drinking alcohol served in coconuts. There’s also the beautiful Honolulu, which isn’t too shabby either. Beach bars you need to add to your bender bucket list include The Edge of Waikiki, House Without a Key and Mai Tai Bar. And if you haven’t been to Dukes, now is the time to do it. The staple Waikiki restaurant and bar is famous for it’s dance floor right on the sand that just screams “I’m going to have a weird night.” Which let’s be honest; that’s the best kind of night anyway.

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