While under anesthesia, one Virginia patient found out more than he’d like after he accidentally recorded his doctors’ entire conversation during his colonoscopy. The recording from the anesthesiologist, medical assistant and doctor included comments such as wanting to punch him in the face, making fun of his rash and calling him a “retard.”

The patient only chose to turn on his cellphone’s recorder because he knew he was going to be fully anesthetized and wanted to make sure he knew the post-operation instruction. In some states it is illegal to record without everyone’s permission, but in Virginia only one person involved needs to agree to the recording, making it perfectly legal.

After the incident, the patient sued for $1.75 million for medical malpractice and defamation. Last week, the jury ordered the practice to pay him $500,000 to make sure this wouldn’t happen again.

The Washington Post has the full audio recording.