The good Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are the kind of BFFs that make sorority girls jealous. The pair is closer, more charming, and having more fun than Method Man and Redman back in the day. And now they want to join Taylor Swift’s squad by way of the most British move possible: a formal inquiry.

As Stewart mentions, he recently did a—thunderously passionate, damn-near-Shakespearean—reading of Swift’s “Blank Space” (for NPR’s August 20th episode of Ask Me Another).

And McKellen’s reading is just as good, though an entirely different route. Instead of a boisterous bellow, the former Middle Earth wizard recites Swift’s hater anthem “Bad Blood” like the wisest grandfather in the world divulging every shred of wisdom he has left in him.

Naturally, Taylor Swift is stoked. Scoring the bowler-hatted chums for your party gang is like stumbling upon some kind of red diamond-encrusted first edition of Don Quixote or a video of Kanye West smiling for more than five consecutive seconds.