Kelly Bennion is wicked smart.

The 26-year-old is pursuing a doctorate in cognitive neuroscience while teaching psychology and neuroscience to undergrads, and she holds bachelor’s degrees in psychology and Spanish from Middlebury College, along with a master’s in education from Harvard.

She has also been dancing for the New England Patriots for the past two seasons.

According to a interview with Bennion, she is also a member of the Science Cheerleaders, an organization that really exists that encourages girls to pursue careers in science and engineering. It has about 250 current and former cheerleaders as members.

Last year for Science Cheerleaders, Bennion collected bacteria from Gillette Stadium to be blasted into orbit as part of a “microbiome Olympics” aboard the International Space Station.

Bennion says she decided to try out for the Patriots cheerleading team the week she turned in her master’s thesis. She wanted to audition so that she could dance for the day as a reward to herself for all the hard thesis work. She made the squad.

I bet she’s a pretty busy woman.