Drinking beer at the end of a grueling hike is great, but carrying those heavy cans the entire way is hell. Pat’s Backcountry Beverages aims to solve that problem with its lightweight beer concentrates, which can be reconstituted as a fizzy brew anywhere within minutes.

The Denver-based company uses a vacuum-distilling process to turn beer into a syrup, 1/10 the volume of a pint. To reconstitute the drink, add a 1.7-ounce syrup packet, some filtered water, and a CO2-producing catalyst to the company’s Carbonator Bottle—a plastic water bottle with some levers and valves inside. Shake it all around, let it sit for a few minutes and drink up. Bonus: The packets are also compatible with a Sodastream.

Two beer concentrates are currently available, a sweet ale, Pale Rail (5.2% ABV), and a malty Black Hops (6.1% ABV). The packets have a shelf life of 20 years and are $10 for a set of four, so each beer costs about as much as a Bud Light on happy hour. Pat’s also makes all-natural soda concentrates and hopes its tech will bring an end to bulky carbonated beverage packaging. Buy online from Pat’s or locate a distributor near you.

Alyson Sheppard is a writer at Playboy Digital. Her work has appeared in Maxim, Popular Mechanics, Mental Floss, McSweeney’s, National Geographic Adventure, and more. Follow her on Twitter.