Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the bizarre Adult Swim series chronicling the adventures of a trio of talking fast food items (and their neighbor Carl), is ending its run this Sunday after 15 years and nearly 140 episodes, and the show’s fans are in mourning. You might expect the show to be missed only by people like your stoner buddy Bryce, but Aqua Teen has some rather prestigious admirers, among them musician, artist, author, and punk luminary Patti Smith.

Yes, Patti Smith, easily one of the most interesting and influential people to come out of American music in the last 40 years (no, I’m really not exaggerating), is a fan of Frylock, Master Shake, and Meatwad, and to prove it she wrote an earnest, heartfelt little ballad for the show’s final episode. It’s delightful not just because it’s so unexpected, but also because now I can imagine an icon like Patti Smith quietly doing Meatwad impressions for her own amusement while on her way to a MoMA opening.