“We The Economy” is a film project in which 20 acclaimed filmmakers each make shorts designed to educate viewers on some aspect of the U.S. economy, which might sound boring until you realize the filmmakers got to do pretty much what ever they wanted to make the point. Writer and director Ramin Bahrani’s (Chop Shop) entry, “Lemonade War,” takes on regulatory corruption and antitrust laws through a battle between two rival lemonade stands. Patton Oswalt is the big business lemonade vendor trying to force out his young-but-smart competition (Taylor Buck) with the help of a corrupt regulator (Mo Collins). The showdown seems to be reaching a stalemate until Werner Herzog shows up, and delivers a wonderfully Herzogian monologue that settles the whole thing.

If my high school economics class had been this entertaining, my bank account might be in much better shape.