Over the years, hordes of revelers have been high on all kinds of drug cocktails while watching legendary British DJ Paul Oakenfold make the beat drop. But they had nothing on the intimate crowd who attended “highest party on Earth,” which unfolded early Tuesday mornng when Oakenfold performed at Mount Everest’s base camp.

In videos posted online, Oakenfold can be seen spinning at 17,600 feet above sea level. “We are really looking forward to the show tomorrow,” he told Agence France-Press ahead of the show. “Everyone is really excited here.”

Unfortunately, those hoping to break out the glow sticks for Oakenfold’s set had to face the hash reality of life at that kind of altitude. “The audience will probably be sitting mostly,” said Ranzen Jha, a Nepalese DJ who accompanied Oakenfold and his journey. “The air is so thin here, you will run out of breath quite quickly.”

The trip, which aims to celebrate Nepalese culture by exploring local music, is the first in what Oakenfold is billing as his SoundTrek series. The goal, according to Oakenfold, is to take electronic music to the farthest corners of the world in an effort to raise money for local cultures and charities. “I want to support in the rebuilding and to shed light on the environment, he said. “I would like to do my bit.”

Check out scenes from Oakenfold’s escapades at Mount Everest base camp below:

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