Holy crap! Remember that video in which a group of folks at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport saw a homophobic man harass and attack a fellow traveler? Yeah, the one right up there. It’s gone crazy viral on the Internet over the past few days. Anyway, I was watching it and marveling at the badassery of all the folks who took the instigator down and subdued him before police arrived. I thought it was cool that they didn’t attempt to actually kick his ass but just to restrain him from kicking somebody else’s ass.

Then I noticed that one of the saviors involved looked a hell of a lot like Paul Rudd. You can start to see him in a brown blazer in the background at the 1:15 mark. So I started tweeting about it, with the hashtag #PaulRuddSavesLives.

Then somebody pointed out the Twitter feed of @msigs, who had noticed the same thing a few days earlier and had apparently confirmed it via Twitter.

And now the story has taken off! Wonkette (full disclosure: I am a contributor) was first to break the tale. Now it’s lighting up these Internets like wildfire! It has not been officially confirmed by anyone in Rudd’s camp — and if it’s not Paul Rudd, who is this handsome Paul Rudd-looking hero walking around airports and not marrying me?! — but the idea that Ant-Man/Brian Fantana is a real-life good dude is very nice indeed, and probably will make a lot of panties wet to boot. And that’s a beautiful thing…for America.

Also, fuckin’ GO ROYALS.

UPDATE: Apparently, Rudd’s publicist states that this wasn’t him. And it is a sad day for America. Still, Rudd’s Ant-Man director Peyton Reed believes in his star:

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