Paul Thomas Anderson is a filmmaker known for presenting a very specific vision in the films he produces, including Inherent Vice, There Will Be Blood, and Boogie Nights. He’s not exactly the kind of guy you’d expect to tackle a fairy tale film, but apparently his friend Robert Downey Jr. has made that a reality.

Downey was supposed to star in Anderson’s Inherent Vice last year, but his commitment to playing Iron Man got in the way, so the lead role went to Joaquin Phoenix. Now, Anderson and Downey finally have their collaboration set. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Anderson is set to write a new draft of the script for a live-action version of Pinocchio, a project Downey’s been hoping to make for years.

Everyone from Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) to Jane Goldman (X-Men: First Class) has taken a shot at the Pinocchio script already, but Anderson might be the heaviest hitter yet to take a stab at it, particularly because this is not something he’s known to do. Anderson is a guy who crafts films in a very individual way, and now he’s trying his hand at fitting into Downey’s vision for a new version of a classic tale. Will it work? We don’t know yet, but given the talent involved, it will absolutely be interesting.