On January 19th, 2015, Paulina Gretzky became a mommy. That’s right, the queen of Instagram bikini pics and the daughter of The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, birthed a child. Did you all remember to wish her a happy Mother’s Day this past weekend? Because you should have! How dare you ignore the bountiful beauty that is Paulina and not send her your best regards on her very first Mother’s Day!

So, what did Paulina do to celebrate? She did what she does best: hangs out in a bikini! The fact that she’s already back in bikini shape is absurd, but I’m not complaining.

Home Sweet Home 🌴

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She wasn’t alone, either. She was accompanied by HER momma, who I suppose is now Grandma Gretzky (I’m also strongly considering that as my new rap name). Take a look at what Grams looks like these days, after pushing out five kids of her own.

Happy Mothers Day to hottest mama of 5 and grandma of 1 🙌🏼❤️ @janetgretzky

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Is there a word for a MILF, but “grandmother” instead of “mother”? GMILF? That doesn’t slide off the tongue as easily. How about “GILF”? That works. Janet Gretzky is one excellent GILF.

Great day Dustin 👏👏⛳️ so proud great cover @djohnsonpga

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Congrats, Wayne.