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Paulina Gretzky May Be a New Mom, But Her Bikini Game is Still Going Strong

Paulina Gretzky may be Wayne Gretzky’s daughter, but she actually reminds me a lot more of another sports great: Michael Jordan. Why? Let me explain: in 1993, Michael Jordan was on top of the basketball world and nobody even came close. So, he retired to pursue another career. He tried baseball, he made a great documentary about his experience called Space Jam, and then in 1995, he returned to basketball. At first, he was a little bit rusty. He missed some shots he would have normally made, and he got eliminated from the playoffs in 1995. By the following year, he was back to his old form and won three straight championships from 1996 to 1998.

The reason I compare Michael Jordan and Paulina Gretzky is because Paulina was the MJ of wearing bikinis. She was the greatest in the game, sitting atop the ‘Instagram bikini wearers’ mountain top. Then, she had a baby. For the past year or so, Paulina has scaled back the bikini pics in exchange for more baby bumps and proud mommy shots. Well, like Jordan, momma Gretzky is certainly back to her old tricks these days. She’s making a strong case to reclaim her role as the queen of swimsuits. Here’s the proof to support her claim:

Let me show you the finer things @kmelnichenko @jeremyc0hen @djohnsonpga

A photo posted by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on

Cool for the summer✌🏼️ @jeremyc0hen @sammaddox

A photo posted by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on

Lounging ☀️ @kouroshbabaeian @juiceranch

A photo posted by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on

Home Sweet Home 🌴

A photo posted by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on

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