For years, professionals who want to protect valuable equipment have relied on Pelican. The company makes some of the most rugged and reliable cases out there, so everyone from photographers toting delicate camera lenses to members of the military carting powerful weapons uses them to make sure that their gear arrives at its location undamaged.

Now the average traveller dealing with annoying TSA agents and disgruntled baggage handlers can enjoy the same level of protection. The bags in Pelican’s ProGear Elite line of luggage are built to withstand loads up to 1,500 pounds and feature a rubber O-ring that creates a watertight seal. Even packed with 25 pounds of gear, the suitcases survived free fall tests.

The ProGear Elite luggage comes in three sizes—the 22-inch Carry-on, the 27-inch Weekender, and the 30-inch Vacationer—and six colors. The bags range in price from $475-$645. For more information, check out

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