By now you’ve probably planned out the bulk of your summer. I know, I know, it isn’t even Memorial Day yet, but admit it: You already have Labor Day plans. This is just the way your life works now. You’re a very social person with lots of friends, and summer is a very social season with a finite number of weekends to travel and swim and eat hot dogs. But in the event that you still have some free time in your schedule—specifically May 31 through June 4—I’ll tell you exactly where you should spend it: Ann Arbor, Michigan.

For five glorious days, a local specialty food store called Zingerman’s is holding “Camp Bacon,” a series of events around Ann Arbor that includes bacon tastings (obviously), a barbecue pig party (of course), a bacon film festival (what does that even mean), cooking classes (presumably with bacon), something called “Bakin’ with Bacon at BAKE!” (kinda overdoing it) and the culminating Main Event (points docked for no bacon puns), which offers 13 speakers—like award-winning journalist Simran Sethi flying in from Rome—two meals, and “so much bacon,” according to the camp’s website. Well, I should hope so.

I’m only scraping the barrel here. If you check out the schedule and do a Ctrl + F for “bacon,” you’ll get 56 results. I mean, there’s an event called “Bacon Beautiful Music,” which finds local musicians taking the stage to sing original songs about—and I’m guessing here—bacon.

And lest you think the Camp Bacon organizers are greedy swine, all proceeds from the events go to two nonprofits: The Southern Foodways Alliance in Oxford, Mississippi, and the 4H Club of Washtenaw County. Still not sold? This preview video should do the trick.