Besides freak accidents and forces of nature, we don’t generally expect to find ourselves to be frightened during the daytime. The combination of being well-lit and in a crowded area usually gives us some sense of security. This is not true for the people below. Check out these stories, as told on Reddit, from folks who found themselves in a scary situation while the sun was still out.

I was working a construction job a while back and I was told to wait on the ground floor for someone. I bent down to retie my boots and a pallet full of mixing cement comes crashing down where I was just standing. I clearly remember the foreman saying I would have been “stone cold dead” if my shoes were tied.

I was 10 or maybe 12 years old. My mom took me to the mall so she could go to the Target. There was a baseball card/comic bookstore right next to the Target and while she shopped I got to go look at the collectibles. While I was looking at the cards in the case, a guy came in. He looked around for a minute, then approached me and asked if I liked baseball cards. I said that I did and he said he had a Babe Ruth card in his van and asked if I would like to see it. We were right at the counter and the clerk was right there, but I got a real creepy vibe from this guy. I said no and left the store to go back to Target and find my mom. I looked behind me as I walked into Target and, sure enough, he was following me. I was starting to get a little scared, so I turned into the women’s underwear aisle, thinking he wouldn’t follow me. He kept after me until I finally found my mom. I never told her about it because I didn’t want to scare her.

A few years ago I was at a bowling center on a busy day. When we were about to leave we heard a big bang and scream. A man had thrown the heaviest bowling ball on a woman’s head. Later I read that he did it on purpose and that the women had severe brain damage and was lucky to be alive.

An addict wanted money from me downtown, but I literally had nothing but my clothes on me. So I said sorry man, all out. Dude lumbers towards me slowly, pushes me over, and stabs me in the thigh with a Swiss Army knife. I booked it to the hospital for stitches.

I was at a city festival. Around 10,000 people, broad daylight. 10 to 15 gangbangers start harassing me, thinking I’m someone else. I asked cop after cop to help me. Because they hadn’t touched me yet, they technically have done nothing wrong. All at once they are all on me. A large group of white supremacists came to my aid. One even stabbed a gangbanger to death when he pulled a gun.

My parents were walking in front of me, and I was walking with my little cousin directly behind them. We were in a shopping mall. Anyway, I think my parents had stopped to get some money out of an ATM, and me and my cousin were just being silly, as you do at that age. This guy, maybe in his mid-20s sat across from us on a bench, pointed at us, then my parents, and then dragged his finger along his neck. He then pulled open his jacket, and pulled a gun out of a pocket. I don’t know if that was a real gun, and I didn’t care to find out. I told my parents immediately, and we kind of circulated the security personnel before eventually leaving.

In the second grade, my babysitter picked me up from a church (I went to a Catholic elementary school), and we were walking down the sidewalk when I saw a man breakdancing on the street and thought cool… but at the same moment, my babysitter was pushing me against a metal fence alongside the sidewalk. I didn’t hear anything but what I was witnessing was a NYPD officer being shot multiple times by two criminals who had stolen a woman’s purse several blocks away. One criminal was on one side, the officer in the middle, and the other criminal on the other side, so who knows who shot who, but the officer was shot many times, one criminal was shot in the head and died on the spot, the other criminal got away, but was caught nearby.

I was picking up a prescription at the pharmacy. While I was waiting in line, a man (who I guess was waiting in line as well) started taking pictures of my feet with his cell phone. He wasn’t even trying to be subtle, just kind of bent over and aimed his phone at my feet. I moved a few feet away and he just followed me. The pharmacist saw the whole thing and mouthed “do you know him?” I shook my head with my eyes wide, grabbed my prescription and bolted away from the counter. I hid in the store until I saw him leave and drive off because I was afraid he might follow me.

I was on a 300-mile ride on my motorcycle when I stopped for gas at a sketchy gas station. While I’m stopped this homeless guy in a puffy ratty fur jacket and a Flava Flav-style Viking helmet rides up on his bicycle with a milk crate for a basket and a homemade trailer. He rings the bell on his handle bar and tells me I have a nice bike as I’m walking in to pay. I say “thanks you too bud” and he charges at me on foot and pushes me, from behind, hard and says “no man I said you have a niiiiiiiiceeeeeeee biiiiiiiiiikkkeee”. I’m freaking out now cuz this dude looks high as hell. So I push this guy to the ground and yell at him. He gets up, adjusts his hat and says “this is what you wear when you wanna sing Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin…AHHHHHHH-AHH-AHHHHHHHHHHHH-AHHHHHHH!!!!!” Then he ran to his bike and rode off.