I don’t own a gun. I don’t like guns. I’m pretty much fundamentally against them. But, as a country we have made them so available and so rampant that there is no turning back now. They are here to stay. That being said, while I’m glad the Redditors in these stories were able to stay safe because of their legally concealed weapons, these are just a few stories with happy endings and that all “good guy with a gun” stories don’t always end up like these.

Christmas Time In The City
I was in the city doing some shopping for Christmas and parked in a pay-by-hour lot that was locked in on three sides by other buildings. On the way back from the mall complex I stopped at a jeweler, which is in sight of the parking lot my car was parked in, for a gift for my fiancé. Leaving with two bags, one from the mall and one jeweler store branded bag, I walked back to my car. My biggest mistake that day was not noticing that there was a group of mid 20’s males on the same of the street as the jeweler store who started following me. I walked into the parking lot, unlocked my car door with my fob and one of the guys yelled hey to get my attention. I turned to look at them and the front guy said something like “gimme the bags”. I said no and his hand went toward his waistline. I dropped a bag, drew my gun, and said don’t move. He jerked his arm down further and I fired. Ended up shooting him twice in the chest. He fell down and his friends immediately scattered. Bystander called the police, they showed up, I was brought in, gun confiscated, the whole bit. Turns out he was a multiple felony offender, had a gun in his waist band, and had warrants for his arrest for armed robbery. It was ruled as a justified homicide and my pistol was returned to me.

I Bet The Dinner Discussion Was Lively That Night
Thanksgiving Day 2008. My buddy and I were headed back from the store when my car gets side swiped hard. I follow the guy to see if he will pull over to the side. He ends up flooring it to get away and, like an idiot, I chase him to try and get a plate number. Within a half mile, the guy cuts hard onto a dead end street and immediately pulls over in front of an empty parking lot. I stop about 3 car lengths behind and am already trying to call 911. The guy gets out of his car and races towards my door. I hit the lock just in time because he’s trying to open my door and begins bashing at my window. My friend who knows where I kept my gun in the car gets it and steps out of the passenger side pointing it at the guy who was now kicking my door. We tell him to back off and get down. He eventually goes and sits on the trunk of his car. When the police arrive, he tries to play the victim and tries to make it seem like we were the aggressors by pulling a gun out. One officer talks to me and asks if we did pull a gun, where was it located (we put it back in the car once they arrived), & why did we pull a gun. I explain the whole thing to the officer who looks at my door and can see the guy’s hand and foot prints on the door and windows. The other officer then handcuffs the guy and ends up telling us that the other driver had a warrant out for his arrest, was driving without a license or insurance, and was possibly driving a stolen vehicle. In the end all that happened was I got a talk from the first officer about how I was pushing the limits of brandishing a weapon.

Disgruntled and Disarmed
A coworker and I had to draw on a just-fired employee who went home and got a shotgun. It turned into a standoff with lots of shouting and the police arrived and arrested him. Since there were two of us we were able to flank him so he only had a chance to shoot one of us. Apparently he was mad but he wasn’t willing to die for it.

This Is One Of The Many Reasons I Don’t Eat Subway
Didn’t have to draw but had to expose my gun. Soon after I started carrying I drove to a Subway for some dinner. When I come out I see these three or four guys leaning against my car. Once they saw me they fanned out between me and my car. I slipped my shirt between my gun and body and one of them goes: “Wait, he’s got something…” then they scatter. Could have been worse and I’m glad it ended there.

Scared Straight
I used to walk home late at night, in a shady part of the city. Actually didn’t bother me too much at first, and I never really felt “unsafe.” Anyway, one night about 10-12 boys–these were teenagers, not adults–decided it would be a great idea to start following me home. Was almost home at that point so figured, “Whatever, it’s probably nothing.” Unfortunately, then they start screaming out at me. Anyway, I can see my apartment building at this point so I just start running, and a couple of them started chasing after me. My apartment building at the time had two sets of glass double doors. The first set anyone could enter, the second set you needed a key card to unlock. I make it through the first set, by myself, with the door closing behind me. They catch up and start banging on it, making noise, clanging something against the metal frame, and trying to be scary I guess. Anyway, I held my gun up towards them, and it got quiet all of a sudden, and the dude I was pointing at just lifted his arms into the air and went “Oh, sh#t.” I didn’t say a word. They weren’t following me through the doors, so I used my key card, went inside and onto the elevator and that was that. Holy sh#t though. If one of them had been trying to come in after me, someone was going to be shot that night. One of my coworkers said it could’ve been a gang initiation or something and that I probably scared someone straight that night. Well, hopefully I did.

Don’t Mess With Daddy
While staying with my girlfriend’s folks for a weekend, her father and I were sitting out on their back porch in the dark at around 3 in the morning when a pair of guys hopped the fence. I hadn’t changed yet as it was the first night we were there, so I still had my gun on me. I drew on them, and as her Dad started stomping towards them, one dropped his hands towards his waist. I shot twice, hitting him once. After that, shock and adrenaline took over and eventually we had the two of them out front in the driveway waiting for the police to arrive. We both had to appear before a judge, but it was essentially a formality. The guys had tools on them and were carrying empty duffle bags. You don’t try reaching for a weapon when confronted by a retired police chief after trespassing on his property with the intention of breaking in without getting the book thrown at you. They’re both still in prison. The one who got shot earned himself mobility issues for the rest of his miserable life.

Lucky He Didn’t End Up Occupying That Hospital
Conceal carried in 3 states; Arizona, Oklahoma and Montana and never came close to reaching for it. My wife had to take her .380 out last year after leaving work around midnight at the hospital. Some guy was hiding between cars looking for unlocked car doors or women with bags. She turned the laser pointer on and let it do all the talking. Freaked her out after seeing the CCTV footage of him lurking around. The security guy is a family friend, so he never mentioned it to the higher ups. Cars are still getting their windows busted out in the parking lot, but the hospital “doesn’t currently have the resources” to hire anymore security.

First Dates Can Be Awkward
I was on a first date with a girl to a pretty popular spot in Atlanta. The area isn’t bad by day, but gets a little sketch at night. Whatever, been there a million times, never had a problem. We go to leave around 11:30. As we’re walking back to the truck, I noted a group of 4 guys standing about 100 feet away. I instinctively put my arm around my date, and for some reason that seemed to be the catalyst to convince these guys to fuck with us. I started to hear movement behind me, turned around and the group was walking briskly towards us, and there was no misconstruing their intent. The lead guy demanded my wallet, and drew a knife. Two of the others drew theirs as well. I took my date, and forcefully shoved her to the ground and out of the way while drawing my pistol. Time slowed to a crawl as I aimed at the lead man. I was in the process of pulling the trigger when they ran away as fast as they could. I’d like to think that they learned their lesson, but I read on the news a couple weeks later about a mugging there. I picked up the girl, asked if she was OK and apologized. Took her home, never heard from her again. Date was going incredibly well before those assholes messed it up. 

I Probably Would Have Shot Him
I was returning home from work, and could hear my roommate (an older woman, but a spitfire) screaming “GET THE F*CK OUT!” I entered through the back door and waited out of sight in the kitchen for a few moments to get an idea of what was going on. Apparently she’d had a friend over, and he tried to force himself on her. She had gotten him off of her but he was still refusing to leave. I stepped into the room, chambered a round, leveled my sidearm at the center of his torso and in a flat voice told him that he had two seconds to be out of my damn house. We never heard from him again.