When I first moved to Los Angeles, I moved into an old house that was converted into a triplex in MacArthur Park. We were the first tenants to rent the house from the new management and it seemed as though no one had lived there in decades. In the upstairs hallway was a small staircase that led to an attic door, but it was padlocked. Two weeks later I come home one night and the padlock is removed and the attic door is ajar. I went in reluctantly and it was just old clothes from the 70s and stack and stacks of VHS pornography from the 80s. So, if anyone’s grandfather is missing a copy of Jacuzzi Floozy, I may have it. Below are some more stories from Reddit users of people who found secret rooms and what they discovered inside.

1. Well, That’s Handy

When we moved into our new house, the landlord showed us the ‘special cabinet.’ One of the cabinets in the office room off the living room was actually a passageway tiny to a small room with some water bottles, gas masks, other important survival things. It had room for about 2 or 3 people.

2. So…Full of Memories?

My house had a secret room in the attic. It’s a really old house and the former owner was a pretty wealthy banker. The room was used as an opium den, and when the stock market crashed he hung himself in there.

3. That’s Just Helpful

There was a tile in our kitchen that you could lift up and there was a hole down to the laundry room in the basement. We usually just used it to talk to anyone that was down there, or a laundry chute if we were too lazy to go downstairs.

4. Don’t Judge a Creepy Tunnel By It’s Cover

When my wife and I moved in, we went into the garage and discovered a trap door on the floor. The door lead down to an underground tornado shelter. There were no lights. The stairs creaked horribly, the air was thick with dust, and the echoes sounded like something was walking towards you. To make things even worse, you had to go down the stairs backward, so you couldn’t see whatever evil monster was waiting for you in the dark. I told my wife, “That tornado shelter is scarier than a tornado. I’m never going down there.” But later, we actually had a tornado warning. We grabbed flashlights and sleeping bags and rushed down there. It turned out, once you walked around the corner, the super creepy tornado shelter was bright pink and covered in ladybug stickers. Apparently the last owner’s little girl used it as a playroom.

5. This Mystery Could’ve Been Solved Earlier

Everyone always heard that my great-grandma had built a secret room in her farm somewhere. No one knew where it was or what she kept in there, but the speculation was that it was filled with gold as she always saved money, bought gold, and there was no trace of it. She died without telling anyone, or so we thought. However, an aunt started going to the old ranch an awful lot in the months following her death. She went repeatedly and then suddenly stopped. About a year later, a different family member found a will, with the location to the secret room, a small 2'x2’ crevice with a lock. Many members of the family went together to prevent foul play, but found that the lock was broken and the small room empty. Looking back at the clues, that first aunt suspiciously had money to buy herself property and businesses in the times following the death.

6. Was It For Hiding Bodies?

My grandparents had a built in bookshelf that could be pulled out of the wall to reveal a small space (about enough to fit 3 skinny people in). I never knew about it until a game of adult hide and seek and my uncle hid there, and my grandfather scolded him for revealing it.

7. He Definitely Kept Weed in There When He Was Older

In my friend’s house as a child, what looked like a bunk bed actually had a door where the bottom bunk was, which lead to a secret toy room.

8. This Is How You Get Haunted

I worked at the Banff Springs Hotel about 15 years ago. The place was supposedly haunted by Sam the Bellhop who had worked in the big old hotel for over 60 years. From time to time over the years there were reports of luggage disappearing from the bellhop area later to be discovered in the guest’s room. Upon discrete inquiry the guests would describe a kind old gentleman in a grey bellhop uniform who brought their bags in for them and refused to accept a tip. The grey uniform had been retired long ago. In other words, Sam was still lending a hand from time to time. One day I was searching for a power adapter and not having any luck when I came upon a door without any signage. Assuming it was a closet because it didn’t have a room number I started trying keys until I found one that fit. Once inside it took me a minute of looking around but suddenly… I realized I had discovered Sam the Bellhop’s old staff accommodations. It was clear nobody had been in this room for years. What I presume were his uniforms were hanging on a coat rack. “Sam” was stitched over the heart, the same place we were told to wear our nameplates in orientation. On the bedside table was an expensive looking bottle of port wine and a stemmed glass. Both were covered with a thick layer of dust, perhaps as an offering to the restless spirit? I took it all in, the old bed frame, the frayed carpet, the stationary with the old Canadian Pacific Railway logo, the smell…then I slowly backed out and gently closed the door.

9. If Someone Tells You Not to Open Something, Listen To Them

Had a small door (like think Being John Malkovich) in a room in a house I rented. The landlord told me not to worry about it and never open it. Of course that wasn’t going to do anything but make me want to open it. Sadly it was a school lease, I took the place but had to sublet it to a friend for the summer cause I was going home. So I literally got the place and then handed the keys over to him. So I finally move in months later and I ask him about the door, and he says, “Oh me and the girlfriend call it the bathroom door, the guy was right you don’t want to open it.” So WTF, of course I open it. Almost immediately after he’s gone. Turns out they called it the “Bat Room” not the “Bathroom” door. Door couldn’t be open for more than 10 seconds when f#cking bats come flying out of the door!

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