Anytime I’ve ever talked to a friend about visiting them in New York, they all warn me about the city in the summer—”It smells like hot garbage.” While not exactly inviting, this declaration makes sense, given high-rises of people and not enough curb space. But while it stinks like hell, NYC’s trash is a fascinating mystery to behold. Hell, one of the city’s retired sanitation workers wound up with a trash collection worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. New York City has a lot of interesting, very different people, but their trash isn’t too different from that of each other.

That’s why writer Molly Young and graphic designer Teddy Blanks put together the Periodic Table of NYC Trash. To break down what you’re always finding discarded in the largest city in the world, the duo broke things down, so you can see how the 118 very familiar elements are arranged as well as grouped from apparel to lifestyle.

It presents quite the colorful representation of the big city.